Battle brothers unplayable


You absolutely need scroll to play this game. It’s the only game I want to play.

You have a world map and two zoom levels, but you cannot go into the overview because no scroll or corresponding key.

Can this be added? I’ll certainly buy more credits after the initial 3000 run out if I can play this game.


Mh, scroll should work. Android or Windows client? Are you perhaps trying to play with a touchscreen?


Im playing on a Android razer phone


Does this mean I won’t be able to use scroll at all?


Not right now, afaik. But something like a two-finger scroll gesture would probably be a good idea, I’ll ask if that would be possible.


Thank you that would be perfect


Can you let us know when you have an update?


Was this brought up?


Checking back. But there’s usually no confirmation, development follows their internal backlog. And only LS employees have insight into that.


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