**Battlefield 1 Fix**


When trying to launch BF1, you may encounter an error in regards to the drivers. To circumvent this, please follow these steps:

  1. Run CMD as Administrator from your SkyComputer
  2. Type the following: move c:\windows\system32\nvapi64.dll c:\windows\system32\nvapi64.dll.bak

Keep in mind that some games (like GTA V) will not run until you name the file back to its original name. To do so, the following steps will work:

  1. Run CMD as Administrator from your SkyComputer
  2. Type the following: move c:\windows\system32\nvapi64.dll.bak c:\windows\system32\nvapi64.dll

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oo, thanks, i really needed that info, now i can(i hope) play BF1 without the drivers error, thanks a lot, and another question, wasn’t the peak time supposed to be from 6PM to 9PM? Because im my location is 9:30PM and i can’t start my SkyPC yet.


It’s based on the data center’s time zone, not necessarily your own.


Ohh, ok, thanks, because the 6PM part is right, but the 9PM is not, what is strange, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:


PlZz help me how to create liquid point


you mean skycredits? well, with the latest update, liquidsky ads were removed, so you can only get credits if you try to watch ads on an android device r buying a plan


And you say it works on gaming tier right been having issue since update I get a half of liquid sky loading screen when logging in starts with two black side bars then full screen and lot LATECY when playing prey going back into levels screen tearing


Something on your network is causing the issue, make sure you are on an Ethernet connection and not wireless. Rule out that nothing is sucking up the bandwidth as higher latency than normal suggests low bandwidth is the cause.


What tier (should i could I play rise of the tomb raider on) ANDROID client DC)


Pro plan honestly, if the game doesn’t run at 60 FPS you going have to step up a tier


I can confirm that this is a fix to GeForce driver issues with Star Wars battlefront 2