Battlefield 1 Not working


Your computers are out of date for Battlefield 1.We cant play.


Same in Watch Dogs 2, in high servers get black screen and in ultra is like 25-30 fps in low whit lags and latency makes driving nearly impossible


I think do not spend money for this, better save money and buy something like a 1050 ti or a 1060 for playing games, the liquidsky computers are like for playing mobas like League of legends or dota ._.


Are you playing on the High or on the Ultra liquidsky profile?

I played BF1 on both. It sure does stutter and gets stuck on the high profile(Low CPU to blame I guess, the graphics seemed to run fine), but on the ultra profile, it was a seamless experience, even when the ingame graphics are set to max settings with resoultion scale at 100%.

So I'd suggest trying it out on ultra and see if it works for you. If it doesn't then there could be an issue with your server or the connection, but otherwise, the ultra profile can handle most of the stuff thrown at it by today's standards.


I got a chance to play this game for free for 10 hours with my new video card and I can't believe how good it is. Wow !!!!

The single player story is incredible and actually not predictable. Multiplayer mode was quite intense and realistically scary. I usually never feel scared playing a war based fps game, but the sound and visuals are fantastic. Long story short, I was near the train tracks with no cover in sight when the enemy train quickly rolled into the center of town. I hear the train whistle and see the headlight and immediately freak out. I start running as the ground erupts all around me and I manage to safely hide in a corner store without taking much damage.

I'm actually sad my 10 free hours are up :persevere:


What are your specs sir? Just curious how the transition from a cloud PC feels like.


I have the following:

Intel i7 2.1Ghz cpu
8gb 1333 ddr3
120gb kingston v300 ssd
Msi gtx 1050Ti 4gb low profile video card

I was getting 50 - 60 fps all the time.