Battlefield 5 launching in a couple days. Working on LS?


Do you guys think that Battlefield 5 will play better than when the beta was launched? Im curious to try it on friday and hope it doesnt have any low FPS issues… It is launching for memebers that are a part of origin premier access.

What do you guys think? LiquidSky team do you guys forsee it running smoothly?

Ill report back on friday and see.


Last time I checked, a user was able to get it working without issues on Pro (beta). So fingers crossed…


Do we still need to do that registry fix or whatever? The game just released for premier players. But how to I get it to work with LS?


You will likely need the battlefield 1 fix if it crashes or says out of date drivers and go from there


Run it on compatible mod Windows 7 and administrator on tne android cliant it runs smoothly