Battlefield V Open Beta


Hey guys, who else was looking forward to the BFV beta? Even using Pro, the Nvidia drivers are just short :frowning:
Please upgrade us by October Liquid :wink:


Try using the BF1 workaround here, it seems like it might help but unfortunately with regards to the driver there have been issues and it had to be sent back to the hardware vendor (Nvidia- the driver could run into issues with license validation and crash, giving an unexpected black screen [no sense in pushing out something like that]). Hard to say however as I’ve seen conflicting reports in these threads here, here and reports in the Community Discord Server. Might just have to try yourself unfortunately. :confused: Sadly I don’t own the game, otherwise I would test.


The open beta is free


I’ll see if I have time to test later on, but I am a bit busy with school now that it’s in session.

EDIT: Can confirm it works with the driver tweak, but performance still pending. Gamer does not work with an infinite loading screen (waited 5 minutes).

EDIT 2: Performance seems bad, strangely even on Pro. I’ll try tweaking a game config file or something (if I can) later.


I know the game still isn’t fully optimized. Might have something to do with poor performance.


Even if you can make it run, i don’t think it will run well, a gtx 1050 with an i5 7400 struggles to run it at 60 fps on lowest settings


I really wanna play this during my lunch break. is there any way it can run well on PRO?? At all??


Please try if the workaround from this link works for you:


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