Beginner Plan works as Intended


Will i did the 3000 credits to 24 hour test bearn rate of 2 happey to say i did get the full 24 hours
Sorry to post as a bug i dont know how to chang the topic


The lack of response to this thread is attributed more to confusion- could you try editing to clarify? I don’t think anyone understood your question (if my hunch is right).


It wasn’t a question i was doing a test if the burn rate of the credits worked it did i got full 24 hours frome the$15 doller pay once


I was trying to not put it as a bug but i dont know how the chang the topic


Depends upon your circumstance- you can purchase the Beginner plan (similar to the old PAYG) once your old skycredit count hits 300 or less. Should be 25 hours with the Gamer rate- same as it was before (just doubled credit burn rate as a non-monthly user- monthly users get the same amount of credits for the lower burn rate). If you believe your gametime to be incorrect than you can always file a ticket with support:

PS: Please try to condense your posts- I know I might seem annoying with this but it just makes things easier to track. Otherwise I think that 2 people posted in a topic when there’s only one.


I was praying ls it worked as it sade it would i had no problem lol i was saying it works grate


Now I understand what you’re talking about… Glad to hear it’s working well.

Edit: Edited the topic title and moved to proper section.


Could you till me how to chang the topic when i 1st post so i dont have to go threw this again lol


Not sure? Hard to say as a moderator since I can do it by default. As a regular user you might have to just look at your first post for the thread. Might be a little pencil next to the title where you could possibly move it, otherwise just DM one of us and we’ll get it done.


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