Best android tv box? Requirements?


Hello everyone, I'm a happy LS user and I would like to make a step further.
I usually run LS from my Mac, but I would like to have a platform at home that I can use all the time without bringing my laptop om work.

I looked at the web site, android tv boxes seem a good idea.
Do you, guys, use these boxes for LS?
How it works?

There is just one suggested name on their web site, the zenoplige M8.
In amazon i could not find (in europe).
My question is, are there any other boxes that work with LS?
What are the requirements?

For instance these names are pretty common on amazon, do they work or not for LS? (I have no idea if they are the same or not with all these MXQ)
Leelbox MXQ pro mini
Bqeel MXQ pro
Bqeel X8T

Any other name is welcome!

Thanks for your answers!!


my friend is very happy for this: