Best Device I've used for LIQUIDSKY


Okay so I've been using Liquid sky on 3 devices

AMD 6350 with integrated graphics water cooled cpu
1tb hard drive

Nothing special , & liquidsky runs great 20mbps internet

Surface pro 3 i5 4300u 1.9ghz Edition 8gb ram also nothing special , this will not run well at all I'm not sure if it's my surface maybe need to re install a fresh version of windows but will not work.

Last but not least the best purchase I made , are you ready for this??

Intel Compute Stick

Quad-Core Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Processor
Windows 10 (32-bit)
Intel HD graphics
2 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz soldered down single-channel memory
Integrated Wireless 802.11ac (Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265)
One USB 3.0 and One USB 2.0
Bluetooth 4.0
32gb onboard storage

This little device works wonders I put it into Performance mode, downloaded only LIQUIDSKY and right clicked ran as administrator & bam!!!

This thing uses 100% CPU but doesn't affect gameplay didn't lad very very very minimal latency only played with it for about 3hrs today (purchased today)

Played Rainbow 6 siege 45-65fps
Overwatch 50-65fps very very good!!!
Insurgency played great!!!

My internet connection download on device was 128down and 56up (have a 1gb connection) on 5ghz wifi connection at that haven't tried my Ethernet adapter yet.

In Conclusion this $126 device worked great for me very good investment! Worth!!

Liquid sky is on the verge of greatness !!

Cheapest Client-Hardware to get LiquidSky on TV

Awesome man !!!
Can you tell me if the Surface pro has 802.11ac wifi? That might be the difference.


The Microsoft website shows , Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.


Ok, so sometimes when I'm having a terrible LS experience on one of my devices it's because my wifi is connecting at a low speed like 144mbps. What I do is turn off the devices wifi and wait a few minutes. This usually works and if not I reset my wifi router/modem and that gets me back to normal 802.11ac speeds of 500 to 780mbps. Always check and confirm your connection speed.


Well if you live close to a data center, any low end hardware can run LS and boom you have a great PC.
You could use a simple Intel Atom integrated board (or Celeron) too, they are very cheap. 20$ maybe.


They key is using the 5 ghz sprectum... you need a router and pc that supports these of course... 5 ghz offers less latency and faster speeds at a shorter distance and range from the router then the 2.5 spectrum


That's interesting, I tried another device with the same chip (Z8300) and got pretty bad results.

What local latency are you getting while in-game? (It should say at the top of the window when the client is minimised).


Local & network Latency im getting around 25-40


Thanks, take it you mean in total?


yeah sometimes network is like 15-17 and local 15-20 roughly 25-40 latency im on ultra servers 1080/60


I got similar results from the Windows 10 mini PC but I found it too laggy to play Overwatch.

20ms total is the sweet spot I think – but that's a matter of personal preference. And obviously, this matters less for non-FPS games.


well i had that issue as well on overwatch it was unplayable latency was terrible now i have played at least 10games solid 1080/60 no latency issues , what i did before starting liquidsky try right clicking it & running as administrator that fixed my latency issues idk why but it did and i also shut off all background applications in the settings and worked for me. given i have a 2gb ram as i think urs has 4gb so urs should easily run with no issues. but try those thinsg and see if that helps.


On that stick how did you connect a controller? Was there any lag with a wireless controller since they recommend wired?


it has 2 USB ports i connected a usb hub with 4 extra usb ports and connected a wireless mouse kbd & using a wired controller connected a xbox one wireless bluetooth controller but it didn't work with LiquidSky.


i dont cnow haw start my accent


About the xbox controller from what I understand the bluetoorh and WiFi run through the same chip on that so using the two at the same time can cause sonflicts or slowdown.


I can confirm that even on older devices, LiquidSky works perfect.

Tested on Zotact (mini pc) ID18 with a Intel’s Ivy Bridge Intel Celeron 1037U(dual core, 1.8 GHz) with Intel NM70 chipset
4GB of memory and a Intel HD Graphics (yeah not even a HD 4000 or something!)

Yeah, very old and pretty slow simple pc.
But the GPU shouldn't be that capable of running it.
But it works like a charm! :slight_smile:

Latency and quality is not that different than on my Macbook Pro (2012) on OSX or Bootcamp.
Used everything with wired LAN connections.

I love it! Can't wait until the release in March!