Beta Footage and or Stream


Has anyone thought about sharing their experience in the beta by downloading a streaming/screen recording client to the sky computer and sharing their experience? I'm still on the waiting list and every curious about others experiences.


There's already videos on Youtube.


Im trying to get more ppl to share there arent alot of recent post ces vids and you need them out there due gap in factors like distance to a data center internet connection and which game is being played, etc



I think it's best to wait for the New March hardware. Any videos at the moment will likely put people off and won't accurately represent Liquid sky in just over a months time anyway.

I wish we could see some videos of the New hardware in action but I imagine the Alpha testers have hade to sign something to prevent them doing so.


Yeah the current hardware is pretty bad GPU wise, don't think it does any good to LS.
Alpha sounds great, but yeah we got no way to test the Alpha .


Yes as matter of fact, I would suggest that anyone who sees this to not leave a bad review because the company is working hard to fix these issues. It is really not possible to review a beta like this service until it is live because they are likely to add things and modify the code. I would suggest reviewing once they declare it as no longer being in beta. At least I think this is how people should people should do reviews on anything...Just an IMO from me.