Beta Key expired? How do I get a new one?


I signed up for a free trial and received an email which included 3 beta access keys. When I first received this email I was away on vacation so I couldn't use them until I returned, five days later. Now I tried it and all three attempts resulted in a message "Beta key has expired". Was looking forward to trying this service out, would like to receive a new beta key if possible.


So that is gone. Now you can get beta key through this thread


If i know right, they're remaking the platform right now and will reveal it all on ces 2017 (today) so there might be a possibility that beta trials won't be a thing, but I don't think it is it since as it is a new service they will be doubted, they'll probably just have a new keys giveaway


Hey Jeffharje,

Unfortunately, there is no method of renewing expired keys at the moment.

However we are currently handing out free Beta Keys throughout all of our social media channels below!





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