Beta key time limits


Hey, I received 3 beta keys in my email but I didn't check it till today but they are expired. When was there a time limit on them and where is it located because now I'm out of access and can't even get to another screen besides the plans and the log in screen? Also how and when will I get more of these beta keys to start my liquid sky gaming experience? Thank you.


You got 3? I didn't even want one but qualified many times in different ways for them and never received a single key, I would have just donated them all anyway as I paid for the unlimited package but non the less it amazes me how some people managed to get so many and others nothing. I would have loved to be part of the Alpha testing but starting to feel like the staff here are not involved with the community and I'm really strongly bought into the vision of this company, really like the co-founder (in reality the founder but had to take on the title of co-founder as he couldn't have possibly had the funds to start this big) Ian but feel left in the dark and I definately am putting in the effort to being a strong community member and helping others. Yes I sound pissed off; i've put in effort and have a desire to help whilst being lucky enough to have the funds and technical knowledge to really make a difference for them but it seems to be falling on deaf ears and I'm starting to lose my patience with this place and will probably give up the time and money and go to whatever competitors arise (such as nvidia.) working in a software company at an executive level, I have experienced first hand what it's like to be part of a small business and grow it. I've also seen what it's like to run corporations and both experiences tell me that a good product alone will not be the factor to success, one of the most important things is to involve the end users more and communicate.

I'm sorry Ian but I really like you, your technical background and your vision but unless you get your teams more involved with the community areas you have setup you will lose a customer. Sorry for the negativity because you should all be celebrating right now and enjoying the successful CES presentation (and I expect nursing some serious hangovers right now).

I was going to blog about LiquidSky but I'll hold fire for now until I see more from the company.


I do think the team was taking time preparing CES and celebrating New They will soon be back for fight again!
I got two beta keys because I replied the GIVEAWAY thread with screenshots. It is random for different activities.


There is still chance to get beta keys during Jan.8th to March, but it is not much. As soon in March, we will get free Plan... That is wonderful. Did you check the thread


Is there any way to get my beta keys replaced? Mine expired as well :frowning:


If your Beta Keys expired, there is no other way to have them replaced.

Beta Keys granted to you by our automatic system in E-mail expire after three days. If you did not get a chance to use your keys, we apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to wait until the next opportunity to receive access.