Beta Server Full


Is anyone getting "All beta servers in this data center are full." for the DC server, I've had something like this before but they asked me to delete my SkyComputer, so the next time I would be placed on a new server, I guess with less people, so I did. But at the moment they are just saying the data center are full, nothing about moving to another server.

So is anyone else getting this message? I know I haven't been able to get inside of ultra in weeks.



I gave up and just deleted my SkyComputer and it is now working.


I just did the same thing. Got a LOT of trying to recover to do. Lost all my saves and shit which is bad for a streamer though. This needs fixing...


Ouch, luckily I've only been playing a MOBA.


Yes. I got the same thing. Basically I guess you are locked to a bad server within DC and the only way to get off is to delete your instance. Luckily I had my saves backed up with "GameSave Manager" but still really annoying.