Better speed on Pro?


I was just wondering if you get a better connection with a pro account rather than the pay as you go tier im using? it was relatively OK yesterday bar the odd dropout but today its unplayable, i have a 100mb fibre connection and all tests on it come out running fine, ive checked that its not my system and even dragged it down to really low end settings but its still lagged to an unplayable level

its a shame really as if it was just a little better it would be an excellent solution for me to be able to game on my laptop


Pro does not change connection quality as far as I know, and it theoretically shouldn’t anyway. You might be running into an ISP routing issue. To troubleshoot see this guide here:


i have run the tracert only one hop is slightly slow at around 230ms, i attempted to use a VPN to get it to connect to the frankfurt server rather than the london one but it never changed and remained on the london server.

i did read another post recommending speedify which did seem to work until i hit the free limit but i cant be sure if its speedify or just luck that i got a few good rounds in. i was just curious as to if there was a priority connection on pro accounts


Depends upon from where you’re connecting I suppose (also ISP depending upon region- they can sometimes mess with that; in such a case the only thing to do would to switch providers)- but again there is no difference for connection quality between performance tiers.


Thanks, switching providers isnt an option for me, there are others of course but theyre all ADSL so id be dropping from 100mb to around 20mb and paying more for it but im not entirely sure thats the issue, after much testing i seem to be getting a very low DPS number, around half the frame rate of the game usually


Please see my reply to your new thread- but in this case there is little to be done unless your ISP drastically changes things on the backend in terms of routing. Higher ping means that the connection might be taking a deviation to some other location that isn’t along an ideal path to the datacenter.


no idea why but it seems to have resolved itself now, ive had a few hours with no probs


Hmm- perhaps it was a temporary outage :man_shrugging: Unfortunately these sorts of things are hard to tell from an end user perspective.