BF1 Complete Freeze


Haven't had any issues till yet, but just today I got a complete freeze when playing BF1. And by complete I mean the only solution was to close the client and start again. I thought it was because of the ultra textures I was using, so I got the graphics down to a more believable level, but still got a system freeze around 40mins into the game. Is this a known issue? And do we have any solution for this or shall I wait for the 6th Jan announcement when they make the upgrades?


I'm interested in this too. I have the same issue. First on ultra graphics then I tried it on medium. Same total freeze requiring me to shut down LS.


Well mate it seems like the problem is in their backend. Many other people are reporting freezes and fps drops too. Looks like the upgrade of 6th Jan is the one that'll solve all this. fingers crossed


Same issue with me. This is not bug, this is performance related. Game is freezing on large maps like Operations and if you run High sky machine instead of Ultra.

Ultra Sky machine will be freezing game if there is large load on Sky platform, mostly weekends, holidays.

I got crashed dozens of times, so I tested all the SKY combinations, graphics settings, and multiplayer maps to reach my conclusion.

More Video memory like 3GB, allocated exclusively reserved, to each player, updated new NVIDIA drivers and less players sharing single SSD drive on Sky Platform would fix these issues.


Yes exactly that.

They have an update scheduled in January and Feburary. Let's hope they fix this. There is a GPU upgrade, it's been announced. So I hope there would be a memory upgrade too. All the new AAA titles basically demand more VRAM than the ~2GB (ultra) they offer. 3GB would do. The more the merrier.


Yes I've experienced the same hard freeze issue, however often it seems to just crash the access to the virtual PC (not the liquid sky UI.) Often I can close out the client and chose "LEAVE RUNNING" and then quickly log back in right where I left off. It seems to be different types of hard freezes, and it happens more often when the server is congested.

It does help to manually turn down the quality bar, but it's not my favorite way to improve things.