BFV Open Beta has a big problem


It’s locked at 4 fps, even in Main Menu.


Technically 22ish FPS (at least assuming the DPS stat for the streamer is correct), but indeed there are issues at the moment- hard to say if it’s beta hiccups (got connection issues trying to get into a game personally- but others have reported no issues at all [also got myself IP banned due to how frequently I was trying to test :sweat_smile: - can last up to 24 hours according to Origin Support]) or perhaps down to drivers (not that staff don’t want to get it out, but the driver was prone to crashing and giving a black screen- so it had to be sent back to Nvidia). Hard to say with the beta sadly (it’s not the finished product) :confused: At least from what I can tell this is the case. Have you tried lowering settings in the game options menu? Or is performance still the same?


Lowered All Settings to lowest, but still running at 4 fps.


oof remove my posts lol


Removed due to competitor mentioning- that doesn’t quite help nor is very constructive for this thread or for staff to try and fix. It’s like saying if your car has a radiator issue you need to buy a Ferrari or something.


Once my IP ban is lifted I’ll try to test again but for the time being this might be the case unfortunately- I’ll try poking around about new drivers but they do seem to be busy (some deadlines upcoming internally).


i mean you can only run games from like 2000-2015


Nvidia is a hardware partner for LS, but the company does not want to be solely Nvidia based nor is 100% Nvidia integrated (the goal is to be impartial and use any hardware the user wishes)- either ways it is not helpful for LS discussion. Also I am not staff in any official regards- consider us as a bridge between users and staff with moderation abilities to keep the forum a clean and well lit place for appropriate discussion.

EDIT: again drivers are an issue but staff are not idle and twiddling their thumbs in the office- not that staff deliberately want performance to be gimped in any way with compatibility.


Take this to a new thread please- you have now completely derailed this thread.

Edit: removing posts as you’ve made a new thread.


Please do the workaround for Battlefield 1 and then set the game to Windows 7 Compatibility mode on your SkyComputer.

Battlefield V Open Beta

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