Big Game Fix Live!


Mortal kombat x The keyboard does not detect it or in injustice gods among us


please fix this no login and show me resend email fix


You were banned for accessing the platform despite never having made a payment. If you feel this was made in error, you need to contact support.


but show me resend email and show this plzzz fix me


Are you serious!? You’re banned, there is no resend email fix for you.
If you think you have done nothing to deserve this, and that you’re innocent, and just because this whole thing can get quite embarassing anyway, please open a support ticket at But don’t discuss this here. :slightly_smiling_face:


i am submit ticket please help me i am middle class family plzz fix my account


If you submitted a ticket, then you’re going to have to wait. I can’t unban your account since it looks like you cheated the system and accessed LiquidSky for free. If you did access the platform for free, then your account will remain banned.


how much time wait plzz


Remember guys, naughty boys get the ban hammer :smiley:


plzz how much time wait


come i am really hurt plzz hep me


@Raamnaam Please stop spamming this thread and our email system.

After talking to our customer support team, your account is going to remain banned.


Lets get back on topic!
Can’t help noticing the games that are offered to new subscribers are not listed in working games list. As a new LS user can only confirm Prey Demo is fully functional on the basic settings.


This list is mostly in response to an old thread linked to above. Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! Will continue adding to this as people confirm things are working or not working.


Yep thanks for explaining again. I understand that this is the case and is why I only named Prey because that is the only one I have tested!

I only signed up for subscription yesterday so am fairly certain I have skypc usng the new vm


Yep! I think by this point the old VMs are extinct.


I really like the old VM desktop background. It reflects how astronomically awesome LS is!

I still think the provision of a means for users to communicate what works and what doesn’t , what workarounds need applied if any and having access to working list and not working list is very useful resource.

The lists are only of any use if they are regularly updated and reflect the most recent information though.

I can also see how off putting all the off topic stuff in this thread is to users wanting to share that info.


the bureau xcom declassified doesn’t work just hang then internet connection error but i can still hear the music


Really? I could’ve swore it worked on the new VM. I’ll check it out tomorrow (a bit busy at the moment- we mods are human too).


Hi, Dark Souls 3 not working for me… Black screen and internet error…