Big Game Fix Live!


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It works, had a bit of an issue trying to change the graphics settings on a touchscreen though.


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I have AC: origins launched but only when the game itself is loaded, the game crashes to the desktop


It needs newer drivers to run, you have to wait for them to be implementwd by Liquidsky unfortunately.


Another game needs newest drivers. Survarium


anyone know if the new driver set will allow FarCry 5 to run?


Should be, I’m pretty sure staff has considered the issues of upcoming games to see if the newer driver update will work or not.
But then again, Ubisoft isn’t up to par with their ports on their PC games, so we will see.


i was just trying to decide whether to preorder it or not, it wasnt a very smart decision for me with Assassins Creed: Origins


Honestly its not worth preordering games ahead of time nowadays. I used to do it all the time but with many anticipated games coming out, some had ports that weren’t up to standard so I end up having to refund it.


Has anyone tried Kingdom Come: Deliverance already? :slight_smile:


I haven’t use LS for a while. But now I’m back and I test some games

Working games so far I played:
Outcast Second Contact
Kingdom Come Deliverance


Working I test on gamer plan and run at 20 - 30 Fps. Not great experience but it okay. Pro plan should work better.

Edit : When go to town with a lot people framerate drop a lot and barely playable haven’t try on pro plan yet but I will try soon.


20-30 Fps okey ? All that is below 30 fps - unplayable.


I’m not sure you know what that word means.


Play with lags it good experience ? - for me if fps below 30 = the game run like a shit, and yes it unplayable. But if you like play with lags - it playable.


Well, Consider Kingdom Come pretty demanding game got 20 - 30 Fps is understandable with spec on gamer plan . I also used to play game on my laptop which have only HD 520. Mostly games I run barely run or got horrible Fps. I remembered when I played battlefield 1 and got 15 Fps on lowest setting.

I know gaming at 30 Fps is standard thing or even now 60 Fps is new standard but for some people they don’t need to achieve 30 and 60 Fps to play games.


Its good for TBS likes civilization,xcom, divinity and others , but for FPS games i really don’t know, how people plays it =(


I can’t down the gta 5 in the skycomputer. The download speed just remain 0. Does somebody know how to fix it ?


Is this on Steam or on Rockstar Social Club?