Big Game Fix Live!


List of games working on High/Ultra on Gamer:

  • Tomb Raider
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4


Thanks, updated the list. :+1:


What settings did you do? At 1366x768 I set it to high settings and at around 4:30 PM (DC) the game started to dip to 30-45 FPS (since it was basically peak) (game ran at 55 Fps most of the time)

Seeing the benchmark clips and peoples results, I’m thinking that reviews are going to be mixed on Steam (the port isn’t up to par then what I would liked) (Even with a 1070, on high 1080P some scenes dip to 55FPS)


I just got to Hammerhead and then hunted for a while. Didn’t pay that much attention to performance, was running at 1080p didn’t change any settings and it worked about as good as it does on the xbox one. It is a little prettier though, not sure what they changed but it looks more detailed.


it is unplayable for me on Pro. Turning the camera is terrible and gives me headache.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Does NOT work, Game crashes after 15-20 minutes of playing. I have had MANY crashes and problems with this game on Liquidsky.


Well… I don’t have much problems. Sometimes it crashes yeah, but it’s not something that you can’t play, remember that this is still a beta :smile:


Kingdom Come Deliverance works just fine for me on PRO, had to turn some settings down but ive got about 40 hours in with very little problems.


Did you try it on Gamer? I’ll probably wait for the new patches to kick in before buying the game :).


It IS unplayable, especially if your trying to do the story mode which only
saves after major events, and each event takes longer then 15 minutes plus
cutscences. So it’ll crash and u have to start all over again. On both
gamer and pro.


Interesting. Can you play longer than 15-20 minutes?


I cannot, But if he can, Please tell me what fix he did, I’ve tried every fix under the sun for this game on Liquidsky but to no avail.


I will check Naruto again, in 1h and I’ll give you feedback


Thanks. No need to hurry though, I’m logging off for now. :zzz:


Paladins through steam works flawless at 1080p60fps, on High Settings Dx11, on gamer plan (Off Peak!).

By the way, @Xelasarg I didn’t test Naruto again yesterday, I was in a Victory spree at Paladins, I leveled up 5x :v::grin:


Can you test Naruto now though?


Could you please check it now? I’m seriously thinking about buying it but don’t want to be dissapointed with a crash on LS.


When AC: Origins will be fixed? Does anyone know any fix? Or is it drivers problem? I just bought the game, but didn’t know it won’t work on LS :frowning:


Currently it’s a driver issue. Developers are working on a new Driver and a GPU which should alleviate this issue. These things take time however, and as much as we’d like them now there’s a lot behind the scenes that has to happen, such as getting in touch with Nvidia for said drivers, or IBM for the new GPU.


Sorry for the delay, I only have availability to test Naruto in 2 days (Thursday). I will give new feedback asap.