Big Game Fix Live!


Ok, thank you (20 Characters)


When is the Assassins Creed Origins patch rolling out?
We already waiting 3-5 months with the same answer:
The Devs are in final stages, it will be in 1 or 2 weeks


We’ve never said 1-2 weeks. The issue is that we are trying to finalize hardware upgrades and we are expecting to launch the hardware and drivers together. There have been some delays due to business reasons, but we are closing in on an update.


Mafia 3 does not work on Gamer Plan.


Have you finish testing it?


Mafia 3 works pretty good in gamer plan,but laggy while driving.Works perfectly in pro Plan.


Hm i dont know i get black screen and it crashes.


Just a wild guess, but are you still on the old vm, prior to the November games fix update?

Edit: forget it, just replied to your other post. The screen resolution bug only happens in the new vm, so obviously, you have upgraded. :wink:


M3 is so badly optimized on the PC version, it kinda needs to be played on Pro.


Mafia 3 is working fine.Completed half of the story without any problem.Here is a screen shot…


Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 too has the 15 min crash problem when played on the gamer mode, Could this too be the driver issue?


Skyrim and a whole bunch of Ubisoft games have this issue as well.


You using gamer plan or pro plan ?


The screenshot was taken while playing on gamer plan.


Hm thats strange. I cant run it it gets stucked on the black screen.


Is there audio playing or not? Did a reinstall do the tick?
Can you confirm that you are using the new vm (grey LS wallpaper background)


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My exam will finish by tomorrow,eagerly waiting for the Big update.Really want to play Assassin’s Creed Origins on Liquidsky.


I’ve been waiting since November to play Origins so I second that.

I know that this stuff takes a lot of time but I only have the holidays to really play games.I thought I would be able to play Origins during the Christmas holidays… nope. I thought by the time of the Easter holidays there would be an update… nope.

So, yeah, after more than four months I’m absolutely ready for an update.


I’m planning to get Far Cry 5, anyone knows if it works?