Big Game Fix Live!


It’ll probably be like the case of AC:O where there is a driver issue currently. New GPU should come out with the new drivers, which are coming Soon™. I know that it’s been a while coming, but it’ll hopefully be worth the weight! :slight_smile:

EDIT: According to @BeniRo over here- Far Cry 5 anyone? FC 5 works


Someone tested it and said it works.


Just edited list for that revelation :slight_smile:


For the umpteenth time, why on earth are the demo games which get preinstalled to skycomputer not listed as working in working games list?




I have shown GRID Autosport runs at 60 fps on gamer plan at 1920 x1080 and it is still not listed as working.



Mouse movement does not work for Empyrion Galactic Survival.


Looks like @N00B731O already added it the working games list, after you confirmed the Gamer mouse fix here.


Can confirm. It crashes the SkyPC when changing resolution (default ist too low).

edit: since replying to a comment doesn’t quote it: I was talking about Just Cause 3.


Freezing when changing resolution isn’t any one game, we think it’s an issue that will be fixed when we introduce our new GPU drivers.


Could you add Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to the list of not working games it doesn’t launch at all for me.


Done. Thanks for reporting this, hopefully it’ll be fixed with the upcoming upgrade.


Please could you fix Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4. Its been so long.


New GPU has entered internal testing- hopefully it won’t be long before it rolls out! :slight_smile:


Good to hear that :grin::grin::grin::grin:
Waiting for the roll out…


is it a tesla series or a Quadro one ? Just curious


I’ll let you know soon :slight_smile:



Testing has begun. This won’t mean more GPU power, but better stability with updated architecture. Mods are helping test so we can iron out the bugs we’re finding.

What to expect when the new GPU is installed?

so its the same with the m60 in fps wise but more stability either way thats goods.


Yeah, we’re testing a new streamer which might help FPS a bit, but what’s this is really going to do is help with stability and quality of the stream, even during peak time.


is there still gonna be that upgrade thing that was said that we could play and run the basic package like the pro package and a better more powerfully upgrade on the pro package? sorry if I sound a little dumb.


what graphics card is equivalent to the new gpu ?