Big Game Fix Live!


@sonikstevens I’m not sure if that’s going to make it onto the roadmap. We had planned on it, but now that we’re working on the hardware updates, we’ve put that on hold.

@ninjaX172 Here’s a comparison for you. Remember that this won’t necessarily translate to more VRAM for users, but the newest drivers and current generation infrastructure. That will translate to steady and reliable performance, even during peak times.

  • GeForce GTX 1080: PASCAL; 2560 CUDA cores; 8 TFLOPS (single-prec); 8 GB GDDRX5 320 GB/s; max 180 W.
  • Tesla P100: PASCAL; 3584 CUDA cores; 9.3 TFLOPS (single-prec); 16 GB HBM2 732 GB/s; max 250 W.


so better performance fps than a gtx 1080 in gaming ?


LOL, read what I just said! :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t be able to all the sudden run everything max graphics. That’s not the point of upgrading the GPU. The point is to get rid of the stability and performance issues users have seen. This will lift up our service and make it reliable and easy to use for everyone.


is the VIP “1 skycredits for pro“ (off peak times) still happening? what about that?


Too bad but we will get only slice of performance same as old gpu because it shared gpu. And nvidia use time-sliced for split grid vgpu into vm so server still overload in peak time.


New GPU is high priority right now. Other things have been pushed back for it, but I’m sure they’ll get that up and running when they can (keep in mind LS is a small company, not a large one able to push out things quickly).


Let’s try not to compare to other services please (isn’t conducive to discussion). Keep in mind that situations are different- it’s like you’re trying to compare apples and oranges. I don’t think we’ll be seeing serious congestion in a while with this- it’s an upgrade any way you slice it.


Yeah, thankfully that’s not true. One of the main reasons for this upgrade is to get rid of that problem. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I thought I answered that question for someone else, but either way - not right now. The upgrade is high priority. The VIP stuff is on the back burner and might get tweaked.


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Oh look, Wolfenstein 2 works with the new hardware and drivers :slight_smile:


New drivers are already out already?


Scroll up, we’re still testing it. I’m just sharing some of my finds :slight_smile: .


Oof, alrighty then…


Dang it Morgan, stop teasing all the users :joy:


assassins creed origins work?


Yeh,Check if Assassin’s Creed Origins is working fine without any crash.


This is great.But unfortunately I just canceled the subscription.Because of bugs in the system:controller not working,framerate not smooth,etc…Let’s see if this upgrade works then I’ll resubscribe.I still have some credits left so that shouldn’t be a problem.


@SergMrx @Kishore I’d assume yes because it was the same issue that caused problems with Wolfenstein 2. I’ll see if any of us testing have it to try.


Actually,the problem with the two games are different.Wolfenstein 2 has only texture issues but for Assassin’s Creed Origins its the connection error.


I do believe they were both due to drivers, but reacted differently. I’ll see if someone has it so we can test.