Big Game Fix Live!


when my controller stops working i just unplug and reconnect it a few times, only needs to happen once in a blue moon


I’m actually excited about getting a new streamer. I hope it will fix the unspeakable bit rate issues I’m having.


The good news is that during the course of testing the P100s, we’ve identified some major bugs, which when fixed, will provide huge improvements on the platform. Also why this is taking longer than we’d like, but the fact that we found these bugs is a huge win.


Yeh,its a very good news…:joy::joy::joy:


will it improve fps ?


I don’t think so, but it will bring a lot of stability, even, hopefully, during peak times, plus the driver update, it should fix most of the problems currently, but, unfortunately, it should also bring some new bugs, probably very minor ones, because i beleave liquidsky is testing the gpus hard to find all the bugs, so, it should be a great update


It will be GRID vGPU provided by Tesla P100 because LS is a GRID powered VDI service. I.e. virtual windows desktop

If LS used GRIDs vDWS option for service provider we would be using virtual Quadro gpu. I.e. virtual workstation

All GRID powered services are powered by Tesla GPU Accelerators.
GRID is Nvidias Virtualization platform for providing virtual apps, virtual desktops and virtual workstations to literally any device with a display and internet connection for use by individuals, small companies , large companies and everybody in between.

The rise of the vGPU just totally floats my boat and LS using GRID is the main reason I have fallen in love with LS and cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming has made my gtx 980 ti gaming rig obsolete and am one hundred per cent positive I will never pay $700 for a GeForce GTX gpu again


Yesterday I played Far cry 5 in ultra settings on Gamer plan,I was really surprised that I got more than 30 fps even on Gamer plan but after an hour It started to lag and I had to turn down everything to the lowest during peak time.It could get fixed with the new GPU.


So Far cry 5 is playable on the current GPU?But only to low settings?


I am currently playing it on Ultra settings(Shadow is in low) on gamer plan,getting more than 30 fps.But drops to 10 or 5 fps during peak time.


I saw some threads that said that “Final fantasy 15 has sluggish performance”.Does that mean that final fantasy 15 is playable on the current GPU but poor video performance,is that right?Has anyone tested Final Fantasy 15?Is it playable?Is it an acceptable sluggish performance or it’s so sluggish that it cannot be played at all?


Are you playing on a notebook? Because on my 22-inch screen, i’ts pretty laggy and in the video settings I see that there’s not enough video memory. Even when I set everyting to low, it’s still not a smooth experience.

Installed The Division yesterday, and it runs great on mid-high settings. Any suggestions for Far Cry 5?


I’m currently playing it on 1280x800 with mostly high setting on pro, getting around 30-40fps. There are few dips here and there but overall it’s playable. Dropping it to medium should give you 60fps, but that game isn’t going to run well on 1080p even at low.


Alright,I’ve got the green light now.I’m gonna purchase this game and give it a shot.See how it runs.As I like to play games on low settings already this should pass the test.I’ll let you know how it runs.This GPU is already running well with low settings.Low settings fan like me shouldn’t have any problem but some people like it high or,if possible,4K.So that’s why this GPU upgrade is going to be fan favourites.


The Graphics setting are like this.Monitor Resolution(1920*1080)

I capped the FPS to 30.Any way you will get 30+ FPS on Gamer plan.


Thanks for the screenshot of the settings. I can’t seem to get stable 30FPS. Even during “peaceful” moments, the FPS keeps dropping to 20 or even lower. I’ll try it on PRO and see how that works.


Try out the demo before buying to check if you like the performance, that’s what I did.


FIFA 18 Works fine but not on GAMER Plan only on PRO


I finished Far cry 5 today,Next game is Assassin’s Creed Origins(Big Update™)


Still trying to figure that one out. I don’t think it’s entirely on our side. I actually had to refund AC:O on my home gaming rig because it kept crashing. Thanks Ubi…