Big Game Fix Live!


This means most of the LS Overlay “features” are broken, dysfunctional or useless.

Due to LS deficiencies and querks atop of steam client bugs as well as windows bugs it is amazing any games run at all!.

Seeing skybeam update is good indicator LS client is literally being rebuilt from the ground up.


Just to put here a game that is working. THE FOREST is working perfectly even of gamer and max resolution.


Let’s put some other games that works well even with max settings on gamer plan (at least for me!)
-Dragon Ball (every single game)
-No man sky (game settings medium)
-Witcher 3 (game settings medium)
-Watch dogs (1)
-Minecraft (even with 100 mods!)
-Hello Neighbor
-Welcome to the game (1 and 2)

And more!..


Wait, are you able to login to your account at the Minecraft website or the launcher?


Thanks, I added these games. :+1:

I second @PinaTryhard 's question though: does Minecraft work now? Mojang obviously had an IP ban on all IBM Softlayer IPs in the past, so that would be great news. :slight_smile:


i’ll test it right now and give some feedback
EDIT: It still doesn’t work, so we will have to wait


Try a proxy… But assure it is legal!


Green hell works fine but but you cant look around in-game or maybe it has somrhing to do with me


Have you tried to toggle Gamer mouse mode?


Yes i did but no luck


Reinstall the client. Its been happening on and off for some people over the course of the latest PC client build


I reinstalled rhe client minutes before I started the game but i’ll give it another try


Still the same i even tryed it on my phone


Please try toggling the Mouse Gamer mode and then hit the F12 Mouse lock button.

If that still does not work, turn off the “Game Mouse” setting, then remove your mouse. After that, reboot your SkyComputer and then insert back your mouse.


It works now all i did is turn off gamer mouse mode rather than enable it and by the way battlefield V (open beta) needs newer driver.
Edit:i did the same battlefield 1 trick it worked in pro plan but it is super slow its unplayable (even on lowest settings) and on gamer plan it keeps on loading for ever.

Battlefield V Open Beta

Cara blz aonde que eu tenho que ir e oque fazer pra conseguir jogar euro truck 2 simulador


Not sure if I get that correctly (have to use Google Translate): the game should be supported, so if you own it, e.g. purchased on Steam, simply install and run it in your SkyPC. Or does it crash/freeze when you’re trying to launch it?


The game (Euro Truck Simulator 2) worked perfectly when I played it a while ago, very high settings, Full HD. The only problem - you’ll have to use the 3rd party Cloud storage solution to manually backup/restore your profile. Registering in the World of Trucks portal isn’t enough to save your progress.


AC: Origins ever getting a fix?!


Not that staff don’t want to get a driver fix out (which should hopefully help in running the game)- but unfortunately LS is a smaller startup: not that the company doesn’t want to expand (they are hiring) but they are a bit busy with Enterprise projects at the moment (such work isn’t for nothing- they are testing new hardware that should trickle down here if all goes well), though Morgan is pushing for the driver internally.