Big problem with my credits


Hello i buyed 10 credits then i tried to install the skycomputer everything was white and than crash, now i losed 1 credits i have 9 credits at the moment, i just reinstalled the windows 10 on my machine again, how can i get my credit again? If you have any logs you will see that i will start to use the liquidsky service today.

Where is my credits ( Staff deleting my topics)

Ok once you first create a SkyComputer it will use one credit once the Sky Computer starts and shows desktop so you lose that one credit it happen to me it's not a big deal of losing 1 credits that's only an hour of loss I got 10 credits and I only used 4 credits out of 10 since January so it ain't going to fast for me so no big deal for me but I'm not trying to be rude or mean so if you think that I'm not rude or mean just saying


it's better to contact support directly...log in and look for this...


Yeah do what he's showing you it's a better option the support people respond the next day.