Bit of a rant but feel that it's needed at the moment


This was a response to someone who was asking about expired keys. I feel it should be it's own topic as I ended up ranting and giving in to my emotions but it's good to get it out sometimes. Would be interesting to see what (if any response I get from LS)

Check my profile and previous responses if you feel you need to verify my contributions in the last 9 days I've been a full paying member and community contributor. I also was going to buy games specifically to test and try to get working for other users. That's now on hold as most of them, I don't have any interest in playing but I am lucky enough to be in a potion to be able to buy them ti be able to do this for the community.

Disclaimer & summary: My current feeling towards LS is that I am seriously bought into the idea, I was talking about this possibility years ago and passionately feel it's the future of gaming and can only get better. I can relate to the founder Ian in that he is clearly driven and has a deep technical thrive for learning and applying his vision with real action. This is rare in the technology industry and most technically minded individuals lack the extrovert nature to be able to go out there and achieve their dream. I love the fact that Ian waited until the right moment to hit the market when cloud technology is mature enough to support his vision. Right now, I can see the vast improvements achieved on their next version and love how they not only have dealt with many challenges of delivering to end-users but have focused on the whole stack - how to keep things cheap enough, looking at other models such as freemium and finding a way to use a previously successful business model which drives user adoption whilst still paying the bills and keeping investors happy and compartmentalizing each challenge into a high level problem such as latency between server and thin client and even the latency between user input and server. Anyway, here is my response to the post:

You got 3? I didn't even want one but qualified many times in different ways for them and never received a single key, I would have just donated them all anyway as I paid for the unlimited package but non the less it amazes me how some people managed to get so many and others nothing. I would have loved to be part of the Alpha testing but starting to feel like the staff here are not involved with the community and I'm really strongly bought into the vision of this company, really like the co-founder (in reality the founder but had to take on the title of co-founder as he couldn't have possibly had the funds to start this big) Ian but feel left in the dark and I definately am putting in the effort to being a strong community member and helping others. Yes I sound pissed off; i've put in effort and have a desire to help whilst being lucky enough to have the funds and technical knowledge to really make a difference for them but it seems to be falling on deaf ears and I'm starting to lose my patience with this place and will probably give up the time and money and go to whatever competitors arise (such as nvidia.) working in a software company at an executive level, I have experienced first hand what it's like to be part of a small business and grow it. I've also seen what it's like to run corporations and both experiences tell me that a good product alone will not be the factor to success, one of the most important things is to involve the end users more and communicate.

I'm sorry Ian but I really like you, your technical background and your vision but unless you get your teams more involved with the community areas you have setup you will lose a customer. Sorry for the negativity because you should all be celebrating right now and enjoying the successful CES presentation (and I expect nursing some serious hangovers right now).

I was going to blog about LiquidSky but I'll hold fire for now until I see more from the company.


Yeaah im still waiting for my key (4 months now)


Back in the day (like 6 months ago) they had a smaller user base and could answer almost every question. Wait for the AMA they are going to do this month (Ian himself) and start preparing questions.


Really excited for this AMA!

I've noticed this pattern. Just before they're about to launch a huge update they usually go quiet for a bit (probably dedicating all the resources into it). After, it's launched it's BAU, the Liquidsky team is very vocal and everyone's happy again. I think it's because they're just such a small team taking on a huge project that they really do have to put everything on hold whilst they cook up new features/fixes and deals for us :slight_smile:


Good replies and fills me with hope! It would be great to speak to Ian and I can understand they're a small team. The CES presentation would have took it out of them and they probably got drunk after and are now all having a deserved Sunday off! I reckon we may here something next week. I really need to get my ass on reddit too!!!!


I think you're confusing the beta keys with the alpha keys, there are many giveaways here for the beta keys, that's probably how the person received so many. I see people complaining about not receiving keys, just pay attention to their social media accounts and here, but it's a little later for that now though. Maybe in March.

You sound very passionate, which I love in tech, but dude you need patience. Like another user said they were a bit more vocal before, I'm a Geforce Now users and they go through a similar process. Before we would barely hear anything from them, we thought Geforce Now was dying and then BAM! They announce the new features and the team are social again and answering questions. The silence was getting to me as well, I really value communication.


You should have become a member maybe 8 months ago. You could literally PM Ian and he would reply on the same or on next day.

I just have one question though, I wonder where the NDA feature has gone.


When and where is this? I have some questions of my own!


So I think you missed the FLASH BETA KEY GIVEAWAY?


You understand LS very well, thinking you are a leader knows much about team operation.:slight_smile:


@rix Come on, Rix, I want to see you here. If you were in USA, that is much easier for you to visit them on the booth.


I have shared the twitch page on facebook and followed the page ontwich but received nothing


Wish I knew about this before! I was so busy this with work and finally have a bit of time so I'm back into gaming but don't have a gaming PC rig - started looking for one and then thought about my cloud servers but none have a decent GPU it's all RAM and CPU up there. I then thought someone must rent them and ended up finding this and was sold!

I don't need to be in the beta - I already pay for unlimited. I also am staying put and love this but excited to help them if I can. I signed an NDA for Alpha testing so thought that I would be in but I think its either not started yet properly or I missed the selection - either way I'm enjoying being on the beta now and playing Cities: Skylines which doesn't need instant response as I have around a 100ms delay due to being over 1500km from the nearest data centre.


I've just been around for a long time :slight_smile:


Looks like the AMA will happen on reddit and here. When? I don't know the exact date.


If you find out PM me please! I'll keep an eye on the blog too.


I hope I also can be selected for ALPHA and signing NDA soon in next two weeks.


Hey rix,

Thanks for sharing this with us. We assure you, that our dedication to our community is unmatched and with over 1.1 million users and counting, it reflects and shows in the overnight hours we put in here at the office to provide you with the best possible cloud gaming experience out there.

While I understand, receiving beta keys may have been a difficult challenge for you, we have gone above and beyond with efforts to make sure Beta Keys are handed out through every medium possible, from direct e-mails, giveaways and straight social handouts over instagram, twitter, facebook and here on the forums.

Even as this post was made, over 500 Beta keys were handed out across all our social channels and there is STILL a direct Beta Key Giveaway occurring here on our forums below

Outside of that our Alpha testing was also made available on three separate occasions.

However as a personal response, LiquidSky and myself truly seek to please the community in any way possible, so be on the lookout as we will re-open Alpha sign ups once last time for our users here on the forums :slight_smile:

We apologize for your experience so far, and look forwarding to make your stay as part of the community as pleasant as possible!

Thanks and Happy Gaming in the Sky everyone!


So everyone who signs up for alpha gets alpha access or is it still a random selection after you sign up ?


Everyone who successfully signed up for Alpha access WILL receive early access to the new LiquidSky! :+1:

If you haven't already done so and are eager to try out our next client, be on the lookout through our social channels when we announce our next registration period.

This will be a bonus registration period, so take advantage as registration won't be up for long!