Black Friday? Black Friday


Just here to tease a Black Friday sale. That is all. :sunglasses:


Just teasing? No details?


No details yet! Stay tuned.


Will you give us the ability to buy extra beginners (PAYG) credits or I have to burn every credits before next Friday? Lol


Nope, you have to burn all your credits first and then you can buy more. What a shame.


Is it just me or is it not possible to use this in the mobile app version?


@scricles What do you mean? You are unable to purchase on the Android App?


I went to Payment and billing -> Enter promo code and paste the code, but it says it is no longer available…


I ended up borrowing a computer to be able to purchase with the promocode, I had problems with the credit card so I decided to pay by Billet bank


It just keep says that code is not valid… how did you guys do?


The same problem with code. It is not valid.


Hold on guys, I’ll pass that on to staff.


You guys putting the code on the checkout page or you just putting it on the billing page?

See the picture below, but disregard the promo code in the picture.


Yeah, I tried to use it in the ‘Enter promocode’ tab. So this code is not suitable for promo code?


I just tried it now and the promo code works. Please remember you need to do it in the Checkout page when you are purchasing a plan or a subscription. It does not work on the Payments and Billing page.


I can’t use PayPal, I will use another payment system with a credit card. Can I enter the code in this case?


Yes, available payment method from the checkout can be used. The PayPal was just an example from my account.


Thank you so much :relaxed: :wink: