Bluestacks in skycomputer


Im allowed to use bluestacks in my skycomputer???


Generally emulators are not quite illegal in and of themselves (though they definitely can be in the case of Nintendo- as for Android I’m not too sure given its open source nature), but it’s rather the ROMs/game acquisition that is illegal. As a general rule of thumb you probably shouldn’t be using emulators on your skycomputer for the legal issues of copyright and whatnot- if you’re found out there can and will be consequences as LiquidSky can be liable for that. Better safe than sorry on this one… Either ways as far as minimum specifications as far as I know Bluestacks is pretty lightweight on those- so you should be able to run it on your local system.

(edit) tldr: just don’t due to this being a very gray area legally for the most part. Better safe than sorry.


But blue stack (and android too) are all free, open source and without copyright!


It’s just a general rule. I don’t think installing Bluestacks and Android will actually cause any trouble, it’s just that emulation can be fishy sometimes. Hence the “better safe than sorry” remark. And you’re better off with a real Android phone anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


Even an Intel HD 3000 can run Bluestacks no problem. But if you have a midrange or even a flagship phone, I don’t see the need to use Android emulators unless its for a very specific purpose


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