Bluetooth fine then extreme lag and shut down


Have been using 4g for a while, no issues.

Tried wifi today
4 times, after launching game, I get returned to the mennu to choose how I wanna open my sky computer.

It seems to keep shuttimg down instantly, durimg wifi and opening a game.

With 4g it works fine.
Bluetooth is on, huwaei y7
Ed : today I tried 4g with bluetooth, and the lag is allot. Now 4g doesn’t work fine either, unless I shut off bluetooth. Then 4g works fine again. Stable with onboard controls.

Strange is, I played over 45 min yesterday with 4g and bluetooth and it worked fine. Stable as always.


Might be unrelated to network and and bluetooth. Friday afternoon to Saturday night can be rough sometimes due to so many people logging into the servers.
Please try again off-peak, and tell us if the issue still persists.


Thanks for the response. Sry for misunderstanding. Liquidsky works fine.
I did some more testing with my ipega pg-9087 bluetooth controller.
And the controller is giving up 2 seconds input lag. So its my controller that’s the issue for sure. I thought maybe the bluetooth was interfering with connection, but the controller itself, when used without internet on offlibe games simply doesn’t work anymore for some strange reason. I got it new nd it worked maybe 15 minutes and now it seems broke already. So sorry for the misunderstanding.
Liquidsky is fine.

Controller worked fine at first (bought new). I drove 8 to 9 laps with it on lquidsky assetto corsa competitzione. 2 minute 5 sec lap times around nurburgring circuit. And now the controller seems to not work anymore. Im gonna try see if I can find fix for it. :smile:

Ah sometimes I wish I had acces to infinite knowledge. :sweat_smile:


Have you tried to connect your controller via USB (if possible)?

Also, Iif it’s a new gamepad, you could refund it, and get another one. I’m using a GameSir G4s, and it’s working great.


Thanks for the tip, that sounds like a more proper controller.
I bought mine cheap from china.

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