Bluetooth passthrough



Currently I know there is a lot of work for USB pass through but is there any work for Bluetooth pass through? as I currently use my PS4 controller with my PC wirelessly and currently to use it in any meaningful way I have to plug it in with USB so steam allows me to use it natively with the client.

(A similar issue I raised over here

So is there anything happening in the new client or any workarounds to allow me to use my controller wirelessly (or other bluetooth devices) and have liquid sky recognize it?


You could always share a USB bluetooth adapter? Just my two cents on it :slight_smile:


Not sure if that would work, maybe it would as although the input would be going to my bluetooth dongle maybe that would be routed correctly... it is a moot point though as my laptop has bluetooth built in, so everything is paired to that, I know some emulators do bluetooth pass through so I know it is possible to do.

Currently I just plug my PS4 pad in via USB but its a hassle I would like to avoid, as would be getting another bluetooth adapter which would probably confuse windows.


Wire controller is the smart way


True, when playing on a remote PC you want to reduce latency as much as possible unless you're playing something like Civ or something where Latency doesn't matter as much.


Again I am not really here to debate the latency benefits of wired vs wireless, I am here to just request support for bluetooth pass through.

Even if it is going to add some latency to the process I am happy enough with that, and currently I use bluetooth with steamlink which is streaming from my laptop all on wifi which has no noticeable latency so I dont think the impact would be as large as you expect in these scenarios (although there would be an impact).


Download and open Zadig, then:

  1. In the "Options" menu in Zadig, make sure "List All Devices" is enabled.

  2. Select your Bluetooth adapter in the device list.

  3. On the right column, select "WinUSB" then click "Replace Driver". Select "Yes" to modify the system driver.

This worked for me not sure with o r any changes but should still work if done right


Will look into this work around, I know windows is pretty iffy when it comes to bluetooth and messing with drivers, as I also use this laptop for work I am a bit hesitant to mess with anything that could break other software which would change how devices work but definitely something worth looking into.