Boarding Groups


So from the few minutes I watched the video on twitch didn't watch it live due to working at the time is that people will be grouped in into boarding teams so are these boarding groups mean't for those who sign up on the day and not those like me and everyone else who've been subscribers for months like me personally I've used LS for like 5 months or so since last year.

Thanks in advance for the clarification.


From what I gathered from the stream and I may be wrong, he said sign into the new liquidsky and you'll be assigned a boarding group or if you don't feel like waiting you can pay to skip rhe line.


Yeh I'm a bit confused about the boarding groups as well. It sounded like people near a certain data centre will all get access at the same time.
With regard to signing into the new liquid sky, Do I just log into this community section after March 1st, or do I have to download something new?


My impression was everyone goes to the boarding group.

The 1st class high society citizens board first. (People who joined first & Pay Monthly people)
Then the White collar workers (Pay as you Goers)
Then the working class board. (People on the Beta wait list)
Finally the lower classes who are kept in the bowels of the ship get to board. (These are the new and latest joiners unless they pay to upgrade their ticket to a higher classs)

I may have watched to much of the film Titanic but that was my conclusion from the Twitch feed. So Ultimately, how fast you board will depend on your citizenship value in the Liquid Sky society.

While you are waiting to board you can chat to other boarders and play HTML games. oOu can also watch adverts to get some free hrs ready for when you gat access which is nice.


I recall him saying you will be sent and email something to confirm tyou want to change over. It's unlikley to be automatic as people need to migrate and backup stuff from existing running machines as it will be wiped.


Ah this makes total sense, thanks.