Buddy/Glitching Screen [solved]



So I recently bought LiquidSky and have already started having issues with it. Here is what it is like - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB7YAE0bcUg

My spec for my PC - https://www.digitalstorm.com/configurator.asp?id=1756174


Hi @AmitoWasHere

Our apologies regarding this.

In order for us to better diagnose your issue, please provide the following information:

ISP (Internet Service Provider):
Internet Speed:
Connection Wired or Wireless?:
Data Center:
Current Location:
Game being played:
Screen Resolution of Local Computer:


Same thing on Samsung Chromebook 2017 version and Xbox controller does not map but ps3 controller does wired and have good WiFi


ISP (Internet Service Provider): Spectrum
Internet Speed: Like 50 - 100 MB/s
Connection Wired or Wireless?: Wireless
Data Center: Tf is this
Current Location: Missouri
Game being played: Fortnite
Screen Resolution of Local Computer: idk 1920x1080?


Yo dude. Respond to me please.


Gotta be specific here. Its 5Ghz wifi right?
Data center is the skypc server: List of servers are here > https://status.liquidsky.com/

Just use this: https://bestfirms.com/what-is-my-screen-resolution/

The flickering, you will have to try to lower the bandwith consumption within the app, or try using 60fps or unlimited. Also try hardware acceleration on/off.


You are currently connected to the DC data center which is farther to your current location as compared to the Dallas data center.

Are you using any kind of VPN since our system might have chosen a different data center instead of the closest one to you due to this?


VPN is always off for me. I use Washington because it says I get the lowest ping there.

My WiFi is 5GHz.


I’ll try other states…


YOOOOOOOOOO, thank you so much! Changing the data servers worked! Thanks <3


Good to know that fixed it.