[bug] fixed amount of SkyCredits


hey guys there is this bug that no matter how much time you use the service my SkyCredits don't decrease at all
had 114 SkyCredits for the last 2 -4 days i think the bug started after you fixed the dc servers when they were down and we couldn't log in so i did some testing for you

i did open my skycomputer at high setting my SkyCredits were 114 and i just watched a movie for 1 hour 30 mn and my SkyCredits were still at 114 SkyCredits so i did think that maybe it's just that sync problme so i did log on chrom but still 114 SkyCredits i did usinstal the client and installed it again nothing happened waited for a day and it's still fixed at 114 SkyCredits on the client and in the website

hope this helps and you can fix this soon


i'm having the same issue also. i also sent them a "bug report" about this so hopefully this gets fixed soon.


well hopefully this gets fixed soon without us losing the SkyCredits we used when this bug was active that could be great


If it means our credits never run out, no complaints! :smiley:


So your saying you had unlimited skycredits... and you complained, wow ok. The same thing happened with me, and you ruined it xD :smiley:


i didn't complain at all i am happy with the service with or without unlimited skycredits
just said it would be great if that happened and it does
now the bug is fixed but they didn't take skycredits we used
well i ruined it because we need @LiquidSkyCo to make money so the service will be always available for us to use


They took my SkyCredits! Yesterday I had 116, I shutted down my SkyComputer and today I have 97! :confused:
@LiquidSkyCo @LiquidSkyJustin