Bug Report: Since 0.4.12


…I’ve noticed three new issues with the latest update.

  1. I use a different display resolution on SkyComputer than the default 1920x1080.
    Prior to 0.4.12, when reloading the VM in the next session, that different display resolution was maintained (from session to session). Since the update, the VM defaults to 1920x1080 EVERY session and I have to manually reset my desired alteration every time.

  2. Despite the time zone being correctly set to US Eastern (UTC-5) (actually UTC-4 due to DST), the clock displayed and carried by the system is actually UTC-7 (UTC-6 b/c DST) every session. When I set the switch for the system to set the time automatically, the correct time soon appears. However, that switch setting is not persistent from sessio to session. In subsequent sessions, the switch is again off and the clock is two hours behind.

  3. Several times now after logging in, I’ve been getting a message “welcoming” me as a new Liquidsky member.

I’ve been a LiquidSky member for over a year now.

Please let me know if there is additional information needed to correct these problems.

Ciao for now!


Thats not the case for me. It has been reset to 1080P everytime I launch the VM (but it wasn’t the case before the resolution change crash bug)
What resolution are you using anyways? I’m using 1366x768 so it defaults to 1080P everytime I start up (same case with Android but I use 1080P on the Android client since my phone supports 1440P but not my PC)

Does this only happen when you update the app? That only seems to happen to me when I update the app for the timebeing.

Can you confirm if this happens also on PC as well?

Once I get these answers, I’ll likely send it to the devs to the bug list


In addition to gaming, I also use SkyComputer as my Windows desktop.
Perhaps I’m misreading, but you seem to be saying the same thing as me.

Moving on…

Well, I’ve only upgraded once, but I’ve gotten the “Welcome” message at least twice since the 0.4.12 update. It doesn’t create any problems; it’s just a display error apparently.

Unfortunately, I cannot. I’m only a user of the Android client.
My laptop died and I’ve been using SkyComputer as my Windows desktop since.
However, as previously stated, until 0.4.12, everything (being discussed) was perfect.
The time zone bug seems persistent.

For information purposes, I’m running LiquidSky 0.4.12 under Android Oreo on the NVIDIA Shield Media Server (sideloaded) and, for the most part, everything runs fine. I am having problems playing The Sims 3 and Cities: Skylines due to mouse and keyboard inconsistencies, but some of that can be bypassed by running LiquidSky on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet when necessary.

Thanks for responding.


Already submitted it

What data center are you in? (devs might ask later)


Devs are putting this on their to-do.

The clock thing has to do with the template. It’s already on the list, but not deemed high priority currently.


Washington, DC USA

Thanks for the attention.



So, now, apparently the time zone problem has been corrected,
but a more disturbing “bug” is occurring now.

Moments after changing the display resolution to 1280x720, SkyComputer stops on its own.
It’s as if I’ve initiated the exit from the VM, except I’ve done nothing at all.
I’ll try running at 1920x1080 for a period and see if I continue to have a problem, but if I can’t run at a different display resolution, LS is not very useful to me.

Minutes later:

Never mind.
I barely was able to start the session (at 1920x1080) and I got thrown off almost immediately.

I’ll try a few other things but now this is a critical problem.

Minutes later…

It doesn’t seem to matter how I initiate the session; whether I choose Steam, Origin, or Desktop, GAMER or PRO, within minutes of session initiation, I’m forced out of the VM. So, at the moment, LiquidSky is unusable to me.

If you like, I’ll open a ticket.


Yes, please open a ticket on this one. Crashes when changing resolution isn’t expected behavior.


#29980 VM Crashing

Noted that the VM crashes regardless of display resolution, but only since 0.4.12 release.