Bug screen resolution


The SkyComputer is running on Full HD only, it does not want to run in HD even though it is scheduled to run on HD.


PC or Android client? On PC, it might be necessary to also set the stream resolution to 1280x720. Not sure about that, but I know that whenever you change the stream resolution, it also sets the SkyPC resolution accordingly.


I’m using on Android


Ok. Never had that issue before, but then again, I only use the client to switch resolutions. What happens when you set stream quality low/medium/high (all HD), or custom with the resolution toggle set to HD?


no, even I putting at a minimum, it gets Full HD, this is occurring after the last update


Mh, let me check. They fixed the bug that caused custom resolution to always drop down to HD when you left the settings menu, maybe it’s stuck to FHD now. :slight_smile:


I’m now unable to access my account.


File a ticket with support here:


We mods are not officially staff, so we don’t quite have backend access like support to fix issues such as this.


Thanks, I can access again.


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