Buy LiquidSky :D


how to buy LiquidSky? Pls help Thank.


Step 1. wait until march

Step 2. done


Well, I'd be a very interesting game of influences to buy out LiquidSky: Ian, and most* members of the board wouldn't let anyone with a small hint of predatory intentions get a hold of LiquidSky until their greatest vision is fulfilled, it's an amazing dream we are all living through after all.

What if Microsoft....?

I have a beta access key, but I'm not much close to any data center and my Internet is bad. Anybody willing to buy it from me (cheap)? :slight_smile:


you can get banned for selling accounts


Sorry, I'm new. I didn't know that.
How long should the beta access key be valid? Any idea?


Skycredits you can buy normal today did the test, more on the new plan only from the 7th of March


I would gladly

name a price. I live in DC right on top of a data center


oops i didnt realize that. i withdraw my offer..


Users will be able to purchase a plan and skip the wait proceeding our official upcoming launch later this March.


Isnt it available on the 14th? Once maintence is over or do you guys not expect it to go smoothly which is why you're being vaque about purchasing plans?


25$ will send u via paypal immedietly just give me the beta access code pls


An amazing game of influences...