Buying Skycredits


I have read in the knowledge base that you can skip waiting to be approved for a free trial by buying a subscription. Where can I do that? There seems to be no link that will allow me to do that on the pricing page?


You have stayed skycredits you can renew the plan in writing support (or not, sorry). If you are a new user :
You have to wait for March or watch out for news and get the opportunity to sign up for testing . Those who bought the tariff until January 6, can use the service.
A message about skipping this bug. At the moment, the influx of new users is closed due to the global update.
You can get acquainted with the new system while waiting


I'm sorry what? So there's no way to just buy a subscription and not wait for the free trial to be approved now?


Yes, the server will be ready for global update and test the new system of those who have been selected people. Buying subscriptions closed until March.