Can anyone recommend an android screen recorder?


I have a Samsung Galaxy s8plus which I would like to record the screen of while playing since it is easily portable and to setup.

My problem is the recorder I used to use (mobizen) freezes the Liquidsky stream and all the rest I’ve tried so far have really bad image quality like this recorded at 720p 60fps and 10mbps bitrate.

Doesn’t seem to be even slightly close to those settings, so is anyone having more luck than me recording their phone screen?


Samsung Game Tools. If you don’t have them preinstalled, download from Galaxy Apps. It has a very good screen recording function, that doesn’t slow down the phone. Just make sure to mark the LS client as “Game” in the settings, so the Game Tools popup will show up.


Couldn’t find it in galaxy apps. Might not be compatible with the s8 but I did find this is google play since you made me think they may have seperated it as a individual tool.

EDIT: Nope. This app does not work on a s8.


It should be built-in, I just checked on my phone (S7 edge, Nougat).
It’s in system settings. Search for “games”, and you should see an entry “useful features for games” or something similar. There, you can activate Game Tools. Dead useful stuff.
And I strongly recommend the Samsung Game Tuner, too.


Okay that was alot more work than I wanted it to be. I enabled it in settings then changed my launcher back to touchwiz and then added apps to the homescreen and it was in that list, didn’t show up until then. Now it is installed and I’ll have to test it.


Lol, it’s not self-explanatory. But it’s the best tool I found so far, so it’s worth it.


Okay. It’s all working fine, the interesting thing though is it’s peak time at Hong Kong which I’m usually not online for but the experience was horrible.


I’ll pass that on. HK should be fixed, but it won’t hurt if someone takes a look.


I was recording and I had network monitor on (which for some reason doesn’t show up on the recording) and I saw the network have trouble getting over 3mbps so I changed the slider down there and it had trouble hitting 1mbps and at one point it couldn’t even hit 1mbps and the whole stream froze for a second. The picture didn’t cut out it was just jerky and there were parts where it looked like the skycomputer itself froze for a second.

When I started I was confused as to why the sound was crackling then everything just got progressively worse.


Hm. Just got feedback, HK is just full. Seems like the stream goes down when the dc is at full capacity. Have you tried the streamer.exe affinity fix?


I’ve had that on startup for a while. It does look like their bandwidth was pretty much gone.

Now that I’ve seen this I’m pretty happy peak time here is midnight until 6a.m.