Can i install my own .exe files



Im completely new to this, and actually have my own unreal 4 engine .exe files that i want to use over a streaming pc.

Is this possible?

Heres an example

since i use unreal to model real life apartments for clients im looking for a solution so my clients dont need a gaming pc all the time i send them something :smiley:

Thanks for your time!



It all depends on the software you’re using, if it’s licensed properly you’re free to use it but if it’s cracked or obtained from illegal sources you could end up getting banned from liquidsky.
So, it’s narrowed to a point that if you’re using legal and licensed software you won’t be prompted for using it.
This is marked for you files too.


Yes, bearing what @Skyhelix mentioned, you have access to Windows desktop, so you are able to install your own .exe’s.


OK i dont understand the last sentence with the marked for your files too :smiley:

We create our own unreal files so its devinitly not illegal or cracked

like in this example

And one more question… if i install this unreal .exe will i be able to view the exe from a mac aswell?

Thanks so much for your time!



Our service is only on Android and Windows at this time, so I don’t know how you’d view it on a Mac.


Bootcamp & Windows 10 should work. But no guarantees, as that’s only a workaround.


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