Can I invest in Liquod Sky?


No really, can I buy stock in the company? I always wanted to invest my money and this seems like a great idea that will become prosperous so I feel comfortable starting here. It's either this or a weed shop in Colorado.


LS is still a startup. I do not think they have or will join the stock market any soon. Most companies need a good few years to establish themselves and get enough users before even considering joining it.


Aaawww Tatar sauce! Cool thanks man


Yeah, I assume they are at least a few years away from an IPO. I am curious about this myself. I just hope that Liquid Sky & Geforce Now end up like Coca-cola & Pepsi. :slight_smile:


Not the right time, but Ian certainly welcome your risk investment:-)


Although I don't know the ins and outs of US businesses, if it's anything like the UK then an investment from an individual is possible (if LS are interested) but it's very unlikely that many of us have enough money to make an investment offer attractive enough to them. Another possibility (and again, you would need a tidy number) would be to join an investment group and the group would then offer investment.

The only way I could think of something being possible for us users, although far fetched, would be for one of us to organise some kind of crowd-sourcing thing where we all commit amounts we are comfortable with and then if we collectively reach a target worthy e.g a few million dollars then investing may just be a possibility.

There's loads of other things you would need to consider too such as a valuation of the company etc but I'm just being a pie in the LiquidSky thinker here :wink:


See I figured they'd need a big amount of cash to put up but I was being hopeful since they're still fairly small. I was hoping to be that lucky loser to put $100 in the company and strike it rich. Lol a man can dream.


@faltzboy101 here is some funding info you may find interesting to read :wink:

With Scott McNealy (as boring as he sounded to the younger gamers on here) backing early on, LS are now super networked in the industry and will be getting all the right kind of eyes on them.


Dear frikkin zombie Christ!! Those aren't just you're regular Joe Schmoe investors. Good lord man those are massive numbers, at least to me. But seeing that does lead me to believe with that amount of funding we should be great product so either way it's a win for me.


To be honest it's not that much for a tech startup like this that is going to have to heavily invest. The type of employees skilled in this stuff don't come cheap and the hardware would be insane. Luckily they have such a powerful product that I strongly believe the initial investment rounds are enough for LS to invest, grow and generate more investment if they need a boost.

The good thing about cloud is that it can be scaled up and down depending on demand, one of the most expensive operational costs would be bandwidth use but this is determined by number of users so if they have got the balance right between income generated per user compared to operational cost per user then scaling in this respect should be a breeze.

The only challenge I can see with scaling is that the way LS need low level access so I don't know how easy it is to grow or shrink with demand which means for us as users there is potential to suffer over-capacity before the service grows and if there is a drop in subscribers/ad watchers for some reason then they may be left with too much overhead. This is all speculative by the way but as you may be able to tell, being an architect I just have to know the ins and outs of everything whilst being able to take a high level view of things too!!!!

Frickin' love this service. Can't wait until I can actually play a FPS on the service. PLEAAASSEEE somehow get a datacentre in Spain, I know that the stupid SoftLayer cloud service hasn't got datacentres here (LS pretty much are using ALL of the European data centres available to them) so LS can't do anything until other cloud service providers realise the potential of LS and don't want to miss out on a rapid growing company so agree to open up the full server layer to them and they then open one in Spain - sounds like I will be praying for a LOOONG time haha. Think it will be easier to move to another country for a bit, Berlin, Germany - here I come :wink:


The new client will have a lower lag (so they said), so you will be able to play FPS games pretty soon.

There is a Reddit (can't recall name) where they rent Amazon/Azure servers and the lag is so minimal, it's crazy. Like almost non-existent. So yeah I am convinced this can work. And the new Amazon/Azure servers have new GRID and Tesla GPUs, they can run even Witcher 3 on 1080p, at 60 FPS maxed out.

So the hardware is there, it's possible, it can work.
However, we can only wait and see if LS will be able to get the same hardware.