Can i play Smite on LiquidSky?


When i will get the beta key or LiquidSky will get released for everyone i would like to play Smite because its my favorite game i would be quite disappointed because i know i will have to wait a long time before i get my hands on this and my computer can barely run Smite.


there's no point in making a post asking if you can run a particular game there's a section where you can look up the results people get running particular games and in March you will be able to try the game yourself with a three hour trial from liquid sky


Also you have to take in consideration everyone's experience will be different depending on their distance to the server internet connection etcetera... also outside of the last giveaway doesn't seem to be a way to get into the Beta without a beta key so you just have to wait for now probably till March when they relaunch


Smite runs on a toaster. Of course you can play.
Though, if you play competitively, occasional lag spikes and hiccups can be troublesome.

Because you know, timing in Smite is everything.
But once the new beta starts, you will be able to sign up for an hourly plan and just try it that way.


yeah what he said, you can't necessarily go by other peoples experiences, you gotta try cloud base stuff for yourself