Can I play well at 3.500KM away from the server?


I am from Chile and currently I have 2.5MB of Internet but taking advantage of the free plan of LiquidSky I will change it to 6MB but the problem is the distance between my PC and the server.


They state that after your 1,500 miles away you start taking a performance hit... Sorry


Sorry for the language. I use a translator. It all depends on ping. At a distance of 100 meters ping can be 300. And at a distance of 3 kilometers, as my ping can be 40. Depends on many factors. Provider, backbone provider, and so on..


At that distance, you will feel a bit more lag than usual and also, I'd recommend a minimum of at least 10mbps. I get around 6mbps on my home internet and it struggles quite a bit even at 720p. My other experience of using LS is on a 25mbps internet connection (around 200 miles away from DC) on an Nvidia shield tablet and it ran like a local desktop pc!


I have 2.5MB - 20mbps and soon I will change to 5MB - 50mbps