Can I play with this result from Speedtest 6.66Mb/s


Hi, Im just curious about how well lidquidsky works with this speed.

Ill like to check your Speed Test Results to compare mine (I mean lower connections) Any suggestion will be aprreciate.



This will be fine on the lower end, you'll either need to turn down the stream quality a little, stream in 720P or stream in 30 FPS to have a nice fluid experience.


Your ping is pretty high. Are you using a wifi connection? And if so, did you run the test near your router?
You should either use a LAN cable, or stay close to the router, to avoid interference. I get a 19-20 ms ping on my wifi.


run Liquidsky on 720 and change FPS to 30 instead of 60, Keep quality slider to 2 bars and increase by 1 BAR and just keep an eye on the quality if you get more tearing or none just keep going up if you do get it lower it.

Good Luck, Regards


Seem like it may be decent enough, but someone correct me if I'm wrong, but they did say during the last Live Twitch that they are not comfortable with anything below 7mbps. So I'm not sure, if in the future this will be different. Who knows, your connection with them may be better than 6.66Mbps.

Also, 666 kind of spooky. lol