Can I run LS smoothly on my pc


My PC contains
Pentium dual core 2.5GHZ
4gb ram
Nvidia before 210 1 GB GPU

Can I play on LS smoothly??


Short answer, yes. Long answer, the local latency might be between 10-15ms so it might not be the best pc to play fps games. should be fine for the rest.


Frankly will be OK for playing AC unity but not perfect , right??


You'll barely notice a delay. As I said, it's mostly in FPS games where you need less than 10ms local lat.


Data centre is about 800km close to me . Does it help me any way with speed???


Well that depends on the quality of your internet but you will not be under 30ms internet latency at that distance.


What's minimum speed u reckon for 1080p and 720p??


Also how much data do it cost for playing an hour at 1080(ultra performance) and 720(high performance)?


For decent (6/12 bars) quality at:

-720p@30fps: ~4Mbps (~2GB/h)
-720p@60fps: ~8Mbps (~4GB/h)
-1080p@30fps: ~8-10Mbps (~4-5GB/h)
-1080p@60fps: ~16-20Mbps (~8-10GB/h)

These are loose estimates from the bandwidth use.


Is fine! liquidsky will run smoothly for 95% of all games on your pc