Can I use TeamViewer?


I would like to know if installing TeamViewer does not generate problems since a friend wants to share his Steam library with me.



There should not be a problem doing this I can't guarantee anything.


Use the family library sharing option in Steam - would be the best bet


Is teamviewer a remote desktop...


My friend and I use the method but currently he is not in the city so he must enter his account through a remote control in the pc of liquidsky.


Tested it because of same reason. Works well.


Im still not undetstanding how does teamviewer work that it allows him to access steam on your computer


A friend can control your pc or in this case, the virtual pc of liquidsky to log in with her account on Steam


I dont see why this wouldnt work


I just tried this using Chrome remote desktop so it should work with TeamViewer


If you do this; don't quote me wrong as I could be wrong but this may be illegal if you are attempting to let someone from a remote location that is not in your network use it, you may perhaps you may get banned from LS and/or Steam which would be no fun at all. Note that the steam client has in-home streaming where you can access all your games from one place and it would only have one IP. You may be able to get around that but I don't think you should attempt this IMO.


Nope shouldnt be a problem steam lets you install on as many computers as you want... They or ls cant tell your were not to log in... As long as the games are owned im 95% sure this is fine and not illegal... The only problem is if the game licences are only suppose to work per country... Etc but i doubt thats a thing and your both in the same country right...

This is no different then if you logged into steam on a friends computer and used family sharing


You as a person logging into your friends account is ok but allowing your friend to use the games off of your steam account is against the terms and conditions of Steam as I have did some google searching. Your only supposed to use the home streaming feature on your own network with family and guests. If you use steam on your own network and share a game on the same network; steam will see it as the same IP address no matter what PC your are on in your own network. Now if your are connecting somewhere else they can easily see that their IP is different from yours so I would highly recommend against it.


No its not thats exactly what family sharing is... Two people sharing the same computer can play eachothers games...


Oh I see, don't make your friend mad :stuck_out_tongue:


Still going to argue... Though im not a lawyer. .. That your friend logging into his/her account on your computer remotely or in person isnt illegal but hes right in your not allowed to share games in this way but using family sharing more than likey will exempt you from any trouble getting banned...

The only real way either company would really know what your doing is this post


I added that last line because if you used a physical pc that wasnt monitored and you owned there would be know way to know whose using the account... Making enforcement of the policy pretty hard


It may be illegal as your friend doesn't own a license to the game. You would need a multi-user license just like everything else then it would be ok. I think they have the feature available for people who are actually use your games on your local network only and they probably would not want you using games remotely. Think of this; would they make much profit if everyone used their friends library? Probably not; it does not make sense.


Dude this problem is solved


I was just reminding you it is against the rules and not do something that is not ethical. See you got rules you can follow and be a good person. You also have those same rules and say "Well I can break them and nothing will happen" and it just is not ethical.