Can not "logout" from Mac-Client "0.4.x"


when I try to logout the 3 buttons are not working, I can click on them but noting happens. I using MacBook Pro 5.5 OSX 10.11


It is a known issue along with any timeouts despite activity in the latest update. They're working on it, but I wouldn't expect anything until some point next week at the earliest. In reality, I'd probably say after the new year. With the holidays on the weekends kinda makes the weeks tight for most in the tech industry with greater than average time off for this time of year.


hi, i found another way to shut down sky computer on macbook..........

hold down fn+alt keys together while holding these keys do a right click with mouse or trackpad on a empty part of screen to bring up right click menu then left click on empty part of screen to cancel right click menu then press f4 key (make sure your holding fn+alt keys the whole time your doing this) a dialog will appear where you can select shut down.......i have not tried to select anything except shut down from this dialog cause im not sure what they will do to the sky computer........