Can we have A SkyPs4 or something?


Plz clear my doubt, if we can have a sky PS4?


Can you rephrase what you mean SkyPS4?


He means a PlayStation 4 in the cloud. Like a sky computer except the PC is replaced with a ps4


Hehe, good luck with that. Not sure if Sony will be willing to share their exclusive games on LiquidSky.


But u can certainly try asking them right?:sweat_smile:


We can try, but don’t get your hopes up.


Plz try!:no_mouth: I won’t lose my hopr


A company already does that in China.


Which one? …


I will be banned if I say so haha


Sony already has their own streaming service called PlayStation Now.


Can you send a private message with the name of the company?


Plz tell me the name


It works only on China and Android.


Just tell us or pm us


I know about PSN, but the one who posted might have not.


PS Now sucks crap lol.


You said that, not me. :smiley:


You need to use a VPN and there will be some kind of coins that you want to use, but the fact is that unlike LiquidSky there will be no glitching or something like that when streaming. Don’t know what technique they are using. You can search in YouTube but you will give up eventually.


Perhaps, a suggestion could be a “SkyStick” or something? Like a firestick but specifically designed for LS :smiley: