Can you explain what is this framedrop? solve pls


GO TO 7:46 Sometimes is more laggy


At first glance, it seems to be vRAM swapping. However, to be sure you need to monitor vRAM, RAM and CPU usage and try to experience it again.


I feel you. I literally just either got kicked out of a BF3 server for lagging, or the game crashed so hard the admin thought I was lagging. I can't even play on the Skycomputer at the moment, way too many framedrops, even on a 24 player game!


@TacticalCatfish With Battlefield on Liquidsky you often get kicked for missing ping or a ping of 0 or 1. Missing ping can get fixed by allowing icmp echo request in the firewall, and a ping of 0 or 1 is caused by playing on a server which is located in the same data center as the skycomputer. However, it looks suspicious to the server admins, because a lot of hackers have a ping of 1.


Figures. Though Im sure in the middle of the framedrop an admin must've seen the low ping and thought "This guy be cheatin' " and kicked me out of the server.