Cannot log in to website on Chrome - extension conflict with ScriptSafe


On Chrome I'm using (host system not within a LiquidSky system):

* HTTPS Everywhere (just forces HTTPS)
* uBlock Origin (disabling makes no difference)
* Privacy Badger (all are allowed)
  • ScriptSafe (all allowed) <- Pretty sure this ones the issue, disregard the others

LiquidSky login worked with the same extensions months ago. Currently when I click LOGIN, it just reloads the page and I am not logged in.


I think LS has logs of this stuff and my best guess is they probably disable scripts and such because that would eat some of their bandwidth and they want to be able to log you so it could be the internal logger which could cause your things to go wacko. I would suggest try uninstalling every extension and uninstall chrome. Then re-install chrome and your extensions and see if that helps. I could be wrong as I am just taking my best guess. Not hard to try so I would do it if I wanted these extensions.


Err, not quite the issue at hand but yes uninstalling the extensions/reinstalling Chrome would probably bypass the issue. This is on a non-LiquidSky system that I am having this issue. I should have made that more clear.

I can log in with Firefox where all the same extensions are used however ScriptSafe (Chrome) is substituted with NoScript (Firefox).

So looks like it's a ScriptSafe conflict.

For the record, all of these extensions I use (with exception of HTTPS Everywhere) actually reduces bandwidth because it blocks content from loading/running/making extra requests. HTTPS increases the communications overhead marginally.