Cannot login to my Minecraft account?


What are the available data centers?


In the US, it’s Washington, Dallas, and San Jose. Tried on Dallas and Frankfurt just now, and it’s not working on both of them either.
@PinaTryhard what’s your data center?


Put me into Dallas if you can, and if it doesn’t work can you put me back into the Washington DC data center?

Thank you, Xelasarg.


Only LiquidSky staff can move you. @LiquidAries?


Should already be done. Aries is quick. :wink:


Hey LiquidAries just moved me, and I just tried to login, and still nothing. Did Mojang ip ban LiquidSky?


No idea. Have you tried to contact their support? Maybe they can tell you.


my skypc is in london


That’s so weird. I just tried London, too, and it isn’t working either. :thinking:


just tested it now, it works, but i formated the skypc, and now it doesn’t


You formatted…? :cry:
Were you still on the old vm?


actually, no, the last time i formatted it, was when the game fix update came


There might be a slim possibility that only people on the old VM’s are not affected by this and people that are on the new VM’s are.


This is an indication that it’s an IP ban. They wouldn’t have banned all the IP’s but it looks like they may have got alot of them.


So maybe a way to make it work would be to keep deleting the skypc until it worked? Or are all the skypc’s with the same ip?


You get a different IP everytime you start the skypc, if they have actually banned the IPs I’m sure their support will tell you if you email them.


As a test, I’ve just installed and tried logging in on the London server and have had the same issue. It doesn’t login on the website for the skypc either. xXx


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