Can't activate windows


Can someone please tell me how to activate Windows on the skycomputer


Hi townesboi,

Our apologies regarding this.

You can try deleting your SkyComputer to see if your Windows license will reactivate. If not, you can do the phone activation.


How do I do it by phone plz tell me


Please click on the link below to know the steps to do the phone activation:


Thank you very much…


No Problem. Please do contact us again if you need further assistance.


Thanks again too. Now I can really make this my pc. Do you know if you have to activate when on gamer mode, separate from pro mode? Furthermore, should I update windows now?


No, once activated, it will stay activated. It will be the same SkyPC no matter if you pick gamer or pro, it just changes up the allocated cpu/ram/gpu, but keep the same OS setup.

You do not need to update Windows on your SkyPC.


Thank You. I have attached some screenshots. I activated windows. Called he number, went through all the steps. Restarted my skycomputer and got the following error…



Try it again…

I haven’t had any issues since activating.


To whom it may concern:

I have tried the aforementioned procedure to activate Sky Computer and I’ve been unsuccessful with staying activated after activating via the phone and rebooting . I do have screen shots upon request. I’ve read several threads on this; therefore, please forgive me staff and/or any applicable parties if there is a more appropriate location and/or method for this.

Please Advise & Thank You Liquid Sky for, including - but not limited to - all of your endearvours. :sunglasses:


Hey Stretch,

Our devs are still working on this and we will have a faster Windows Activation renewal which will be implemented soon in one of our next update.

Once we have this in place, there will not be any need anymore for the phone activation. Our apologies though if for now, the Windows Activation is not working via Phone activation.

Just to many users renewing/deleting their SkyComputers that is why it is not authenticating the licenses fast enough.


Thank You Aries! :fist_right: